Working In Your Own Backyard

One of the enjoyable things about running an environmental consultancy is being involved in the local community. These type of projects tend to be reasonably low-key and often quite small revolving around a specific problem or area. Three years ago the Portobello Bowling Club were wondering what to do with a creek that they had running through their club property. As a neighbour Paul Pope made the the immediate suggestion to create a viable stream habitat within the central Portobello township and a vegetation corridor that will support bird life which is growing in the township. In a sponsorship arrangement Paul Pope from Spiralis Ltd gave his consultancy time as a donation to develop a planting and weed management plan and took that plan with the bowling club to find funding. That initial project grew with support from the Peninsula Community Board, Dunedin Amenities Society, Save the Otago Peninsula, Honda Tree Fund, John Clearwater Contracting and the Otago Regional Council. The other key support has come from three of the private landowners who own properties adjacent to the creek, particularly the Portobello Hotel. Over the last two years the creek banks have been planted and with the help of volunteers and the City Council’s Taskforce Green team. Such collaborative efforts draws together people of significant skills and interests and when small business can provide their skills it adds value to the community.


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