Creating Coastal Conservationists

SONY DSCCompany sponsorship of small projects in the community is a rewarding way to contribute in a significant way to local environmental projects. Spiralis Ltd has contributed for the last three years to a joint initiative between local environmental group Save the Otago Peninsula and Portobello School in re-establishing the endemic sand sedge pikao (Ficinia spiralis) at Allan’s Beach on the Otago Peninsula. The project has been relatively small, but has made a significant impact on the dunes and has created a viable local seed source for wider coastal conservation efforts on the Peninsula in the future. Like any coastal project though its had its share of erosion and animal issues as the plants begin their establishment. Yet despite those setbacks the children from Portobello school have never lost their enthusiasm for a morning at the beach to start another chapter in this conservation project. The recent planting in October was undertaken with the same level of gusto and the group managed to plant a further 800 plants in the widening of the main access area to the beach. While the strong nor-easterly wind and swells have created a significant erosional scarp the site has remained in good condition and shows excellent flowering for future seed collection. The project has given the school an insight into the trials and tribulations of coastal management and with luck a new generation of Peninsula children will become the future guardians of this exciting and dynamic piece of coastline.


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  2 comments for “Creating Coastal Conservationists

  1. Shelley Wilde
    November 6, 2013 at 7:36 am

    Portobello School really appreciates the opportunity to be involved in a real project that creates real benefits for the environment, for the creatures that inhabit the Peninsula, and for the students who are our community’s future. Many thanks to Spiralis Ltd and S.T.O.P. for inviting us to be part of this important conservation project.

    • November 6, 2013 at 7:36 pm

      Its a real pleasure to be able to contribute and work with the school on a plant species that I’m passionate about. Paul Pope Spiralis Ltd Director

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