Case Studies

Spiralis Ltd undertakes a wide range of services to its clients and endeavours and these include;

  • Environmental assemement
  • Restoration planning
  • Project management
  • Resource Management Assessment of Environmental Effects
  • Event management and environmental interpretation

These selected case studies are designed to give prospective clients an overview of the capabilities of the company and the types of work that the company undertakes.

Environmental Project Management

Craigieburn – A Colonial Archaeological Site

Sitting above the Leith Valley in Dunedin is a 7.5 hectare former colonial subsistence farm and rimu forest remnant that links with the Ross Creek Catchment and the Flagstaff Reserve. The Dunedin Amenities Society and the Dunedin City Council own the property as a joint venture and contracted Spiralis Ltd to undertake the design, supervision and implementation of the restoration of the site as a public open space. The ambitious project included;

  • The archaeological investigation and restoration of several colonial structures.
  • Restoration and replanting of the rimu forest remnant
  • Creation of recreational walking access
  • Historical and ecological interpretation of the sites values.

 Waihola Waipori Wetland Weed Control Project Management

The Lake Waihola Waipori Wetlands Society is a community group made up of local people who have a common interest in preserving, protecting and promoting the Waihola Waipori wetland complex. The Society have been externaly funded by a variety of agencies and funding organisations to implement a major aerial weed control programme principally on Crack Willow (Salix fragilis). The Society engaged Spiralis Ltd to;

  • Implement and manage the weed control programme.
  • Manage the public and media liasion for the programme.
  • Develop events and material for the promotion of the Society and the wetlands
  • Environmental Assessment

Environmental Assessment

Ocean Beach Domain – Coastal Dune Vegetation Assessment

The Dunedin City Council are responsible for the management of the Ocean Beach Domain Domain reserve. In recent years the beach and sand dunes have been under considerable erosional pressure from storm events that have been exacerbated by;

  • The narrow dune strip.
  • Alterations to the dunes through historic dune protection measures.
  • A significant end wall effect caused by the extensive St Clair sea wall
  • Historic alterations to the plant patterns of the dunes.

The City Council have undertaken a significant information gathering exercise to asceratin the reasons behind the instability of the dunes and their rapidly eroding nature. Spiralis Ltd was engaged to undertake a vegetation assessment of the dunes to provide information on the nature of the present vegetation and the likely trends of that vegetation cover.

Mount Allan – Forest Steward Council Accreditation

Mount Allan is a 5000 hectare area owned by Wenita Forest Products near Mosgiel, Dunedin. Accreditation for the Forest Steward Council Accreditation is an important part of ensuring forestry companies are working and managing land in a fair, equitable,sustainable and environmentally appropriate way and is undertaken by independent reviewers. Spiralis Ltd was engaged to inspect, evaluate and provide recommendations on the future management and monitoring of the native forest reserves Mt Allan. The basis of the review is to provide an inventory of the sites and evaluate them on the basis of;

  • Reserve scale and shape
  • Representativeness of the site
  • Level of modification
  • The adjacent land use and buffer
  • Impacts of weeds and introduced species